Thursday, May 24, 2007

to blog or not to blog

i find it so strange ...but i want to accept a fact i am lazy..i endlessly procastinate things ..till water gets over head ...i will not digress from the topic of the post .....

blogging ..the actual concept has taken quite a while to sink ...i was always in 2 minds blog or not to blog....i came across wonderful blogs ..with perfect english ..more than perfect grammar ,,diction ...the end result being i ended reading reading ..correcting my blogsd wondering what impression i would make on the readers..etc..etc...

but there is a diff aspect altogether ,,and i wish to continue with it ...i do not want to blog as i am advertising myself or should more be like a mirror ...which i can read years later ....and probably be amused at my state of mind .......

Amen !!!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

finally bangalored

Bangaloored ,,if u r not yet aware with the term yet then u better be coz its not just that u not aware of the recent developments but u r 200 years behind time ,at least i was till today morning .

Never imagined a 3 hour walk in a place where i have walked or at least crossed innumerable times has so much of history within itself.

bangaloored is a term which has been recently included in the english dictionary ,it signifies the phenomenon of losing of jobs due to them being transferred to bangalore ,well whatever the significance be .........

its so typical of we indians to go abroad in order to visit the churches ,their places of worship ,their culture ,,,how much of we do we know about ours?
our city ?

u might have heard of london walk ,paris walk ..but bangalore walk??

sounds strange ,,,,,and who wil spoil a sunday morning for a bangalore walk ..i did for a change ..these were some of the things i found out

what u see above is the trinity church ,probably u never bothered to have more than a glance .it is located at the beginning of MGroad .it is a military church and was amongst the first few churches built by the british army while they were settling in what we know as bangalore ,it has great historical significance.

bangalore was the first city in India to produce electricity ..and too very soon after it was produced in NewYork the reason being gold being discovered in kolar gold fields .it so happened that bangalore lied in the path of shivsamudram (where hydro electricity was produced by british) to kolar.what u see above is amongst the first transformers being put around 100 years back and it is there on the MG road ....

there were similar things which i dicovered like the pulling down of the victorian house for what we today know as CENTRAL ,bangalore torpedoes which were very instrumental in the way WW II was fought ,it finds place even in the steven spielberg movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN ,the first wipro office ,a statue on the mg road of not an Indian but a german .

The message was clear ,Bangalore has become a truly global city and seeds were not sown not now as we all feel but atleast 200 years back. view of vidhan soudha from EBONY

Saturday, March 31, 2007


National highway ,a view at 5 am

Well i understand the snap is not clear but so were we when we had started at 9 from our place to Legends of Rock,after a heated discussion about where to head .

And after 2 hours of good music we were all charged up to extend our friday night .

We headed towards DD hills ,tumkur at 2 am,all 6 of us .
its after a while that i got respite in its truest sense .
trips down to tumkur always seems like a trip down memory lane
its not just the trip to tumkur just the mention of the word makes me skip a heartbeat or two for reasons known only to someone or probably no one ,not even me .4 years of the most imp part of life do mean a lot ,

wat u can see here is view at 4 am of my college gate .

well it was a mere luck that we ended at the gates of our alma mater ,as the road to DD hills was blocked .

Finally headed towards one of the road side dhabas

All this might seem very usual but these breaks from our daily lives of 9 to 9 job are very much needed especially in the world of ours we have stopped thinking and instead choose only to react ,.

The night set the right mood for me to introspect.

Monday, May 08, 2006

why is there such a huge difference between and expectations and reality ,,,,,,,,,,,why do we expect things when we know the consequences it sheer joy of the pain that compels us to expect.....what do we want from life it better to sacrifice small moments of joy waiting for the dream come true or is it worthwhile to live each moment and ssacrifice the goal instead..
who will answer this..the one does probably himself knows nothing about it...

ultimately wat matters is to enjoy life everyday so why do we sacrifice every day awaiting for the day satisfaction more important or enjoyment........any answers??

Friday, April 07, 2006

hi WELCOME to my world